Wednesday, August 16, 2017


We do not list tuition on our site for numerous reasons. I find that many daycares are often mislabeled preschools; I want to ensure that families contact us first hand and understand the true education and experience that you will receive at FIA. I invite families to call or set up a time to come in and experience first hand what FIA truly is. For families that are simply comparing rates, I feel that it is important to know what you are getting for your money.
No, we are non denominational. I feel that to teach religion you must practice that specific belief; and we would be eliminating many qualified and talented educators if that were the case. Children of all faiths are entitled to a quality education. We teach, enforce and practice good character as a way to live your life.
I intend to open a new grade each year, until we get to fifth. This may change by going higher, but we will at least go through fifth grade. We open one grade each year instead of the entire elementary school because I feel that perfecting one step is more efficient than being okay at four steps. Our school environment is unique and I want to ensure that our new staff is receiving the attention needed to make our new addition as successful as the rest of our school.
Unfortunately no, we do no discount education at FIA. Our rates are highly competitive; one of the lowest in town. If you have multiple children, we will try to work with you but since our class sizes are so small there is little room to decrease rates.
There is a 500.00 early termination fee for the grade school if you leave at any point in the year. If this is not paid, your childs report card and portfolio will be held. We promise to hold true to our ratios, and therefore we expect that you hold true to your commitment to FIA. The preschool classes have a 500.00 early termination fee if you are pulling your child after April 1st of the school year. This is due to the fact that after that point in the year, it is difficult to enroll a child with just three months of the school year remaining. Two academic weeks notice is always required in writing. Giving notice right before or over a break does not count, these two weeks allows us time to fill your childs slot; when we are on break, we are not there to do this process. These policies are enforced for any reason to terminate.
Only our grades schoolers wear uniforms. Our preschoolers do not.
We use that date as a rule of thumb, however if we feel that your child is ready to move up we are more than willing to make that happen. This decision is discussed as a team to include the childs teacher, parents, and admin, however if the FIA staff does not feel that the child is ready, this process will not take place. Building confidence plays a large part in a childs academic career, as does appropriate behavior, and social skills. Being of high intelligence is only part of who a child is as a student, if we feel that there are still areas that we need to work on we do not see the importance to push them.
If the appropriate and necessary accommodations are able to be made we are more than happy to have the opportunity to teach any student. We do not have the staff at our school to work with children with moderate to severe needs (1:1), however we work alongside an outstanding company that helps us support children with special needs. If we recommend that a child be assessed or may qualify for services and the family is unwilling to do so, we have the right to terminate enrollment at our school. Please understand that this is due to the fact that we are highly trained professionals that want what is best for your child. If we know we can not provide benefitting services for your child we will try to guide you in a more successful direction.